By Bill Seremetis, 25 May, 2013

It's been three years since I originally created for my friend Yiannis. It was time a for redesign, that's sure. Yianniss' shooting style has changed in the last few years, as have the technologies we use for making websites. While most photographers still have flash sites I decided not to go down that road. is my latest creation and it is a fully responsive photographic website. Check it out if you are into dark designs! I hope to have a case study soon.

By Bill Seremetis, 24 May, 2013

Shared hosting is cool, it keeps your mind clean from things like updates, security, settings and several other things. But shared hosting and performance is something very difficult to achieve, and those who have achieved are few. If you are good at system administration, or if you want to experiment with or try something that typical shared hosting doesn't allow you to do then you should go for a VPS. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, that means that the resources of a machine are split to pieces and one of those pieces belongs to you.

By Bill Seremetis, 15 May, 2013

Every now and then a customer comes to me with a lot of JPEG formated files that need to be optimized for online use. The main reason for optimizing them is to use them online, or to burn them to a DVD that doesn't require them to be on top quality. I do that often when creating static web-sites that live inside the DVD and are given to visitors on seminars.

There is a command line tool available under Linux that allows you to optimize all images in a given directory with a very simple command. Say hello to jpegoptim.

By Bill Seremetis, 31 October, 2012

I wrote a very simple static page to hold a radio player for one of my clients today. When I say simple I mean it: their logo, a flashplayer and a close link. This page would accomodate the popup radio player so nothing extra was needed. While making it I was amazed by how Firefox and Chromium behaved differently than Opera, and by how my simple page was not the same among three major browsers! So I decided to write about it, just to get it out of me. I over-simplified my page, making it just like the following.

By Bill Seremetis, 14 January, 2012

Sometimes it is usefull ot provide previous/next links from the node you are reading. Customers love it, people love it and it is more compact than a "Latest News" list from views.

There is somecode laying around the net for doing this sort of thing but most of it is for Drupal 6 or isn't very well written.

I adapted some of the snippets I found on the net to create the following:

By Bill Seremetis, 29 July, 2011

Over the years many mice have been in my hands. Computer mice that is! I've paid for only four (4) of them, all the rest were accompanying the varius computers I've bought in my life and I they are now in the hands of my friends. The latest one arrived this morning to me and it is an Evoluent VM4R. It is hands down the most amazing in design. It looks more futuristic than my previous mouse, the Sidewinder X5, which is one hell of a mouse!

By Bill Seremetis, 10 June, 2011

Language negotiation is one of the problems one has to solve when building a multilingual website. I've tried various methods and, although I don't usually prefer it on simple sites, the best one seems to be "domain name" negotiation.

This way every language has its own domain, whatever you choose it to be. Since I build sites in Greek and English I go with and for each language accordingly.

By Bill Seremetis, 7 June, 2011

Translating Drupal is easier nowdays than it was two years ago. Gábor Hojtsy has helped a lot and LDO is a really cool platform for translating Drupal.

But what happens when you need to translate things on your site? Things not available through the "Translate Interface" of i8n?
One such thing is the Allowed values list in CCK Fields. The solution is really easy and is done by using a few easy lines of PHP code.

By Bill Seremetis, 6 June, 2011

I've been working with a photographer lately... again! Many of my clients are photographers so this wasn't a surprise for me.
Photographers have a special way of observing things, especially when it comes to design! So he naturally asked about using his favorite fonts on his brand-new site. You guessed it, he wasn't talking about web-fonts.