How to not do a Drupal site: A list of wrost practices taken from a production site

By Bill Seremetis, 18 June, 2021

One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Greece just launched their new website, using Drupal 8. The site is a collection for what to do wrong in Drupal site, and I'll mention just a few of the findings here, for educational purposes, or maybe to get some attention to the awesome Greek Drupal Community.

  1. Site is using Drupal 8, which will go EOL in less than 6 months:
  2. Webserver lists files and directories:
  3. Twig auto reload is enabled, on a production site:
  4. JS is not using Drupal behaviors:


Mind you, this is a company with a 130 pages annual financial report, more than 600.000 subscribers and aiming to enter the mobile telecommunications market in Greece. I'm sure they can do better. With the Greek Drupal Community being very active and very strong they can reach a very decent pool of developers directly: