Drupal Website Development

You took the right decision of using Drupal for your web needs, bravo! Now you need to assign the work to the right web developer and you need to find out how much it is going to cost you.

I am against the policy of "fixed prices" because every webpage and every client has very different needs. Contacting me for a quote is the best way for finding out how much your website is going to cost you.

However, a generic pricelist is available for you.

 Simple ProfileCompany WebsiteHigh Visibility WebsiteeCommerce Website
Drupal Developmentcheckcheckcheckcheck
Responsive Design checkcheckcheck
GDPR friendly Analyticscheckcheckcheckcheck
Customized visitor reports checkcheckcheck
Advanced SEO checkcheckcheck
Newsletter  checkcheck
Online checkout   check
Stock keeping   check
XML / Skroutz connectivity   check
Sales reports   check
Security updatesunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Free performance webhosting1 year1 year1 year2 years
Free supportno1 year1 year2 years
Pricefrom €800from €1400from €3000from €5500