Drupal Hosting

You 've been spending the last few weeks on your Drupal project, attended every little detail and you are pleased with the results.  
Finally, it᾽s time to go live, to be deployed online, so that people can reach it. You start to search for capable Drupal hosts, only to find that they are either expensive (Acquia, Pantheon, Omega8), or just not suitable for your needs because they are not Drupal compatible.

Together with a team of great sysadmins we designed the perfect Drupal shared hosting environment and we have taken performance hosting to the next level. Whether you need a simple but capable webhost or you need to serve millions of visitors we can support you.

Prices for Drupal hosting

 Drupal StarterDrupal BusinessDrupal ProDrupal VPS & Dedicated
cPanelcheckcheckcheckon demand
SSD disk space500mb1gb5gbvaries
Monthly bandwidth1gb5gb15gbcheck
Gitcheckcheckcheckon demand
Ruby on Railscheckcheckcheckon demand
Sass / Compasscheckcheckcheckon demand
Daily backup (7 day rotation)checkcheckcheckcheck
Cloudflare acceleratedcheckoptionalcheckcheck
Addon Domains01checkcheck
email accounts1110check
Web mailcheckcheckcheckon demand
Analytics Trackingcheckcheckcheckcheck
office hours
office hours
email & phone
office hours
Yearly price€140€400€650contact me

I don't charge extra for optional and on demand services!
All packages above are the result of carefull planing. If you need shared hosting but with more bandwidth and/or disk space please contact me.

Drupal shared hosting

Most Drupal sites do not need dedicated machines to support them, simple shared hosting is more than enough for the vast majority of websites. SRM provides quality shared hosting, especially designed for Drupal sites and applications. Contrary to most shared hosts we provide top notch features that will cover all your needs:

  • SSD disks for databases and files
  • Selectable PHP version (from 5.2 to 5.5)
  • SSH access
  • Drush with full set of features (including aliases)
  • Git for collaborated development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SASS and Compass
  • Spam Assasin
  • Cloudflare

Our pro packages provide unlimited addon domains, unlimited subdomains and databases. Our simple packages provide you a stable environment for Drupal hosting and development.

Drupal VPS and Drupal Dedicated hosting

You need to serve millions of visitors? Your old webhost is not up to the task? You feel that shared hosting is limiting you or you simply want the greatest and fastest service there is? Then you need a webserver that is tailored to your needs.

With great experience on performance Drupal hosting we can cover all your needs. The webserver is built for you and you alone. We do not bloat it with unneeded services and we tune those you need to deliver the best performance.

Our VPS/Dedicated servers are of course on SSD disks, but we don't stop there. Nginx, Percona and Varnish are only a few of your choices. Need a multisite Drupal installation? We can host it with AEgir hosting!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions or need something more exotic (cloud, Redis, database replication or multiserver hosting) when it comes to performance Drupal hosting please do not hesitate to contact me.