Web & Background Music

By Bill Seremetis, 30 June, 2010

Since I entered the market I have done about 10 websites, this means that some clients trusted me and that some didn't (in this troubled times in Greece people don't easily spend their money on the web).

To the point: more than 20 people have come to me for a website. I tried to understand their needs, to learn more about their job and what it will take to create a good looking website for them. Of all these people only 3 didn't ask for background music! Those were large companies in the local market. Everybody else wanted background music for their site!
I could understand the photographers wanting background music, the web is full of flash based websites of photographers and they wanted the same thing. I explained that a) I don't do Flash and b) why background music is really bad. Then came the eshop... Background music on an eshop? I was speechless!

It is strange that all computer "power-users" do not want music on the websites they visit but everybody else either wants it or doesn't care. It seems that most people do not know of tabbed browsers or multitasking!

I really enjoyed it when I saw this graph online:

Background music on websites  increases level of frustration to users

I totally agree with the guy that made it and from now on I will carry show this to any potential client that asks for background music.
After all, the client is always right but the developer knows the web!