HTML 5 - Official Logo

By Bill Seremetis, 19 January, 2011

A few months ago Dimkas designed my new logo, the superhero guy you see on my page. A logo that definately makes people think of power and comics.

Suddenly HTML 5 publishes its logo today. A logo that makes people think... the same things!

HTML5 Logo

I believe Dimkas was looking forward when designing the SRM logo (and I thank him) and I must say that I kinda like the fact that HTML 5 and SRM logos promote strength and security. It makes me feel that things are on the right track for a more powerful and more secure web.

HTML5 Badges

As always I'll be doing my best to bring the latest technology to my clients and to the Drupal world, by making use of the new features HTML 5 has to offer. Many of my clients allready enjoy the advantages of CSS3 and they are ready for HTML 5 when browsers get ready (I'm talking about video playback). One thing is pretty sure, HTML 5 will change the web...