Evolution of my pointing devices!

By Bill Seremetis, 29 July, 2011

Over the years many mice have been in my hands. Computer mice that is! I've paid for only four (4) of them, all the rest were accompanying the varius computers I've bought in my life and I they are now in the hands of my friends. The latest one arrived this morning to me and it is an Evoluent VM4R. It is hands down the most amazing in design. It looks more futuristic than my previous mouse, the Sidewinder X5, which is one hell of a mouse!

Every mouse I buy is chosen according to it's size, except my first one where I was younger and my palm was much smaller than now, and it's design. It has to be a nice mouse, after all it sits on my desk all the time! Plus I really love the effect it has on people when they see it. The Sidewinder X5 was a winner in this area but I believe that the Evoluent will astonish people even more. After all it looks like it came from Star Wars!

The photos show my mice in chronological order. I've been happy with all of them and I wouldn't change my X5 with the Evoluent if it was a bit more comfortable (=larger for my palm to rest). I must admit, the Evoluent seems to be the next-generation of mice. It is designed to allow all five of your fingers to work and at the same time it is bulky enough to allow them to rest.

It takes sometime to get used to it though but this is only logical. I've been using normal mice since the age of... I can't remember, more than 20 years (and I'm not yet 30). My brain expects the mouse to have a certain shape, it will take a few days before the Evoluent starts to feel natural. I'll post more soon...

ps: I'd love it if the Evoluent logo was glowing red!