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Choosing a proper host: it is not just speed and numbers

Posted by Bill Seremetis on Wed, 07/22/2015 - 14:27

In case you missed it, Greece is under capital controls at the time of this writting. Long story sort: we can do whatever we like with any amount of money we might have, as long as we move them through banks (credit cards, bank transfers) inside Greece. Cash is limited to 60euros per day (which is ok for most daily needs).

Transactions with other countrier are not allowed. That includes payments to well known services like Amazon, Paypal, Google and of course to datacenters (Linode, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, you name it).

Like most people, my company is at risk at this moment: I can't ensure the availability my clients have come to expect from me. I can't ensure that their services will not go offline. Simply because there is no way for me to pay my providers.


Linode to the rescue

At the end of last year, sort after Linode switched to SSD only servers, I decided to switch from all other datacenters around the globe to Linode. It wasn't easy, it never is when you have to migrate everything. I decided so because I've been hearing that Linode has great support, something that I can't say for all companies I've used in the past.

Right now, 98% percent of my services run on Linode, including analytics and mail servers. I never regret doing so and as of today I don't think I'll ever go back to anything else.

Why is that? Because, now, that the second month under capital controls approaches, I need to pay Linode, but I can't do so. The fact that this payment is happening inside August makes things even more difficult: it is more difficult to find somebody else, abroad, to pay for me and things in Greece will come to a hold until September, so capital controls will for sure be in effect until the end of August.

After sending one support ticket to Linode with the above information, I got the following reply which amazed me:

Thanks for contacting Linode Support today! We realize the situation in Greece is still tense and we know this must be frustrating not only to you, but to all our Greek customers.

We'd like to take a load off your mind this August, so we've given you credit for the whole month. Please don't worry about finding someone to pay for this coming month. The credit has already been applied to your account.

Now, this is a company I can trust. If I were to wait for the EU zone to come to a solution, my company would be ruined. My clients would probably understood why, but it doesn't really matter to them, after all half of them are touristic sites that hit peak traffic in August!!

So, I'd like to say a big, public, THANK YOU to Linode.

If you are wondering where you can reach them:
(this is not an affiliate link, after all this is a thank you article)